Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's See How This Works...

I'm new to blogging, so I guess this will be trial and error for a while. I've been quilting and sewing a lot this summer and I've wanted to have a place to share what I've made. I finished my most recent quilt this weekend. It's for a family friend who was diagnosed with cancer this summer. I really hope she loves it and it brings her warmth and comfort as she goes through treatment.

The pattern is "Picnic Time" from the book "Simple Style: Easy Weekend Quilts" by Sara Diepersloot. In the book, the quilt is made using a watermelon print fabric with red, black and green accents. I decided to go a totally different direction and used tones of berry-ish purple with a batik, 2 semi-solids and a solid (Kona in berry). I tend to use a lot of solids in my quilt, so the semi-solids were a new thing for me.

Thanks for letting me share my creation. Hopefully my future posts will be more put together than this one!

I told you this was trial & error! The pics of this quilt were posted first directly from Flickr before I posted this post. Can anyone tell me how to include Flickr pics in my posts? I will be forever grateful!

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